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Imola Series


Router Imola di Tiesse. Connessi: subito sempre ovunque Router Imola di Tiesse. Connessi: subito sempre ovunque Router Imola di Tiesse. Connessi: subito sempre ovunque

The products of the Imola and Imola LX series are ultra-broadband routers suitable, in particular, for business applications where safety, service continuity and network performance are of primary importance.

They are certified and used in the networks of the main telecommunications operators.

The various models differ mainly in the features and hardware interfaces: on the side you will find the datasheets of the various lines.


  • Routing
  • Switching
  • Multi fail-over
  • QoS
  • VoIP

Key benefits

  • Always-on connections and service continuity
  • Safety
  • Ease of installation and factory pre-configurations
  • SIM installed and tested in the factory on each single device
  • Remote management and provisioning
  • Scalability
  • Multiple backups


  • Enterprise WAN network access
  • Bank / Assurance branches
  • Lottery
  • Gaming
  • Retail
  • Broadband backup
  • General characteristics
  • High availability - Mission Critical

Seamless backup
The user does not perceive service interruptions and the transition to backup.
Transitions from normal to backup mode and vice versa are performed considering operating costs.

Homogeneous backup
A single router integrates all ports, wired and mobile.

Heterogeneous backup
It is possible to operate on a fleet installed for upgrade, by adding a mobile router and using the VRRP protocol (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol).

Multiple backup
A pair of VRRP routers perform physical backups of both the network and hardware.

Zero touch provisioning
All the Imola and Imola LX series routers are integrated into the TNA (Tiesse Network Architecture) suite for remote and automated management, via WEB, of the configurations and firmware releases of the installed fleet.

Switching capacity
Capacity per single port equal to the nominal bandwidth of the port (10/100/1000 Mbps or 10 / 100Mbps)
Total capacity for 5.9 Gbps switching matrix
Aggregate rates up to 400 Mbps

Add ons
The Imola and Imola LX series are equipped with optional accessories such as omnidirectional and directional antennas for outdoor use, as well as kits for rack (2U) or wall mounting.
Models with SFP cage ports also support a wide range of SFP transceivers.
Consult the specific documentation for all supported SFP and accessories.