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M2M series - Levanto

M2M router

Router Imola di Tiesse. Connessi: subito sempre ovunque Router Imola di Tiesse. Connessi: subito sempre ovunque Router Imola di Tiesse. Connessi: subito sempre ovunque

LEVANTO provides mobile network connectivity to critical environment installations where is of primary importance:
  • Security
  • Extreme conditions compatibility
  • Quality of service
  • Remote management
  • Finance (ATM, POS)
  • Gaming
  • Telecontrol / Telemetry
  • Remote monitoring
  • Data gathering
  • Vehicles
….. whatever the location …..
robust industrial grade design and chassis (IP54-rated) for external use using fastening systems. Levanto is also designed to operate under extreme conditions and temperatures
whatever is the location, LEVANTO accesses public network (internet) with the proper security level. Connections can be activated both using CSD-GSM data call or call over TCP/IP-GPRS. Is suitable also as a GPRS Modem.
Service and configuration:
Easy land fast local or remote configuration (via GPRS/CSD/SMS).
Factory pre-configured, download monitoring and configuration from a Remote Center
Risk Free system to avoid wrong configuration that can effect reachability of remote networks
mobile connections optimized for minimize traffic costs and improve quality:
  • control messages (SMS)
  • inactivity timer
  • asynchronous notifications
  • external antennas to improve signal strength
………Machine To Machine (M2M)…………..

Monitor your remote / disadvantaged stations or your vehicles via LEVANTO, wherever they are.
No distance limit, you can extend your control network without restriction across national borders.

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Levanto ES 5xx
With sensors

Levanto - Montaggio su staffa e alimentazione con cavo