Nelfuturo.com: businesses are created even when you found them

Editorial written by Gianni Di Quattro on the site www.nelfuturo.com

Each firm is always a work, an entrepreneur who created the image and gives it shape. And this not only when it comes from nothing, but also when switching from one to another contractor who remodels, rebuilds, modification, renewal, however, and regardless. 

In fact, there are more sides of the same company as, for example, by Camillo Olivetti and then that of Adriano Olivetti and again by Carlo De Benedetti, Vittorio Valletta, Fiat and the Agnelli Advocate, Leopoldo Pirelli of Pirelli and the Marco Tronchetti Provera. All companies formally indistinguishable, but very different. As in every period of history refers to the statesman who was the main protagonist and also in the world of art, literature, beauty in general, the same thing happens in the world of business and the economy. And that is why it is said that to understand an enterprise must understand the entrepreneur who was the creator or the rimodellatore. The total distance of a firm then, then, is like that of a country, of an era. Represents events, images, movements and especially the men who crossed him.

That's why the beautiful story of an initiative such as NVD (which means New Venture Development ) identified with that of its major shareholder and designer Mario Ciofalo. Mario Ciofalo is a Florentine who has never lost the spirit of criticism and irony typical of many who are born and grow in the Tuscan town which has, however, framed in a solid scientific culture which has come not only opportunities but also by choice and vocation. His professional career took place entirely in the Olivetti Olivetti or rather in that they succeeded and where he could gain experience, perform functions, deal with situations and assessments varied and challenging. From the first years dedicated to the sale of traditional and innovative then, as now all indicate that the P101 as the first true personal computer in the world, the first management responsibilities as Branch Manager and then head of marketing for Italy of data processing company. From the coordination of the development of the whole of the group 's offer to international responsibility as the leader of the Olivetti Group Companies in North America and Asia to the more significant of all European activities. Until, at the end of this journey, the Directorate General of Systems and Services Division throughout the company. 

Mario Ciofalo then succeeded in his professional life to integrate technological knowledge, driving ability of large structures, experience of international markets, in-depth evaluation of the way we do business with and develop an awareness of what it means to marketing, what is the value of the customer and the importance of the quality of the product, the service and the way of working. In a context such as that Olivetti has helped all those who have been involved to understand how important it is to know to work in a team, how important is the credibility and image, how important is the knowledge, culture and enjoyment of education and beauty. From this entrepreneur and cultural environment born from this initiative NVD : Industrial Development Corporation and management consultancy that operates in the field of Information and Communication Technology, active in Piedmont, particularly in the Canavese, focused in the creation and development of the company over that in the replacement business. that is easy to describe, at least in terms of how it operates and what are the reasons for its success. In fact, the lines of behavior that Mario Ciofalo has always taken consciously and of which the interpreter is its management believes are: the use of professional resources at the level of tasks and deadlines in an environment of great attention to human values ​​, orientation technology and good technology, attention to the customer, and will always try to compare with the market without fear, prudence in the management and international scope.

The motto of the group, not surprisingly, is: "Innovation Made in Italy", to emphasize the desire for the future, and the link with the territory. Technology, international, bond with the land, resources and human values ​​are some of the principles that have guided the thinking and behavior of Adriano Olivetti. One of the awards that the group NVD and Mario Ciofalo are proud of is the " Olivetti entrepreneur award 2009 " awarded to entrepreneurs in the conduct of their business are inspired by the values ​​typical of the vision of the great entrepreneur of Ivrea. Since its foundation (1996) NVD has made ​​a total of 18 investments, all in the ICT sector. The companies most important : Tiesse, Microlys, Localport, Trading NVD, Technolys. Other minor companies increasingly operate in a synergistic context with the most significant initiatives in order to create and develop the skills and professionalism to the market and fungible across the group. At the end of 2012, the aggregate turnover of the Group was 24 million euro, in continuous growth compared to previous years, with 90 employees. A reality therefore to NVD that lives and thrives despite the crisis obviously feels that like everyone else, but that bypasses thanks to the modus operandi, technology, internationalization and the great attention to the quality of the resources, services, products. 

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