Interview with Luciano Lucrezia (Tiesse): Tiesse heads to Networks Sdn with Mover

By Courier Communications of 7 April 2014: "Providing customers with a catalog of apps for planning networks based on specific needs" - Lucrezia: "Pushing the technological innovation." Article by Enzo Lima

Il direttore tecnico di Tiesse Spa, Vincenzo Luciano Lucrezia, al lavoroTiesse enters the world of software defined networks thanks to the project Mover (Multi-user Virtual Edge Router Optimized).

"And there we go with the spirit of constant attention to the technological innovations that have always characterized us" - explains the technical director Vincenzo Luciano Lucrezia - . Since its debut, Tiesse has watched with attention to innovative and cutting-edge technologies and has adopted them in the development of its products. Like, for example, the implementation of Cognitive Transport Service techniques" to handle transactional applications that have enabled its customers to achieve significant savings both in terms of infrastructure costs for both network resources.
Mover stems from a collaboration with the Politecnico di Torino NetGroup whose professors Riccardo Sisti, Mario Baldi, Fulvio Risso and Guido Marchetto have for years engaged in advanced research in the field of protocols and architectures for computer networks, gathering around these activities a large group of students and undergraduates, which feed the R & D laboratories of national and international companies.

Mover offers an innovative architecture for network access equipment, designed to allow several independent entities (from service providers to end-users) to install and run network applications chosen from a catalog of applications available network. The applications run in a virtualized environment that provides insulation so that each application can operate only on traffic related to the entity that has executed.
"In this sense Mover - explains Lucrezia - is consistent with the paradigm of software defined networks". As such it is proposed to transform the network nodes in fully programmable platforms or able to run on the same hardware processes that serve users, applications and different services, operating on the respective traffic through the device. The other advantage is to "introduce abstractions that define a model of the network and its behavior regardless of the specific implementation."

The availability of the platform Mover has the potential to pave the way for a number of new application scenarios:
network environments and custom portable mobility support; support chains of independent applications, in order to avoid resorting to the creation of separate networks to provide services to different groups of applications; cloud applications, and applications related to the Internet of Things.
At the same time, the approach Sdn addresses and solves many of the problems of management, maintenance and network scalability. "These are issues that we know well - adds Lucrezia - . This is because Tiesse before being provider router is primarily a technology partner of its customers with whom it collaborates in the design of complex networks. "
Not surprisingly, the results of the project will complement Mover "the rich functionality of the families of our routers, increasing the supply of Tiesse with a new line of products designed to meet the emerging network applications."