Tiesse is the new partner of CLM

Brazilian VAD includes in its portfolio LTE/4G technologies, Smartgrid, M2M and equipment for industrial use for telecommunication operators and corporate networks.

CLM, a Brazilian value-added distributor, has just signed a partnership agreement with the Italian company Tiesse, manufacturer of corporate and high-performance routers, for mission-critical scenarios, in which contingency, mobility and convergence are critical features. Under the agreement, the Brazilian VAD shall distribute the Tiesse solutions throughout the national territory, in Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Central America, served from Miami. Tiesse was looking for a Latin American value-added distributor, with the ability of developing sales and partners, offer training, pre-sales, proofs of concept’s support, besides supporting business development activities. "We were looking for a value-added distributor in Brazil, and with presence in the main countries of Latin America," said Mr. Jacobo De Cal y Alonso, Sr. Executive Business Consultant of Tiesse in Latin America.

Tiesse’s key technologies, meet with important needs of a country like Brazil, lacking in infrastructure:

- Routers with contingency of link using SIM Cards 3G/4G

- Smartgrid Routers –for distributed networks of electricity.

The company is very strong in LTE/4G technology, totally integrated, without requiring additional key or cards; Smartgrid (use of common power grid as IP data network); M2M (Machine-to-Machine) and equipment for industrial use, robust and designed for hostile environments.

Its main customers are the telecommunications companies, System Integrators and electric power distributors, their biggest clients in Europe.

The CEO of CLM, Mr. Francisco Camargo, informs that the initial idea is to focus on fast-growing markets of M2M (Machine-to-Machine) and Smartgrid. Tiesse is the stronger manufacturer in its segment in Europe, with a very important customer base and with a wide range of technologies -M2M, Mobile Backup and Smartgrid-.

In addition, complements CLM´s portfolio in the scenarios where contingency, mobility and robustness are crucial.

The distributor expects to increment businesses with customers with global agreements, which will have important expansion in Latin America. The technical qualification of some system integrators chosen will be ready in 90 days.

Located in the region of Ivrea (TO), Tiesse was created in 1998, with the motto "Innovazione made in Italy". Currently, the company has about 1,200 customers. The products are completely manufactured in the company in Italy. For reasons of information and technology control, the production of the products is not outsourced.

The CEO of Tiesse, Mrs. Fabrizia Montefiori, expressed her satisfation for the agreement with CLM: “We are very glad for the agreement with CLM, a very qualified partner. This agreement is part of the important program our company is working on to promote its advanced technologies all around the world”.