Corriere delle Comunicazioni: Tiesse lands in Latin America: partnership with Clm

Agreement with the Brazilian distributor of 4G, M2M and smartgrid for operators TLC and corporate networking

Signed the partnership agreement between Clm, value added distributor in Brazil, and the Italian company Tiesse, a manufacturer of high-performance routers aimed at the corporate networking, for mission-critical applications, "in which the continuity of service, security, performance the network and the fixed-mobile convergence - reads a note Tiesse - are of primary importance. "

Under the agreement, the VAD Brazilian distribute solutions Tiesse in Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Central America, from its headquarters in Miami. Tiesse was looking for a value-added distributor, Latin-American, with the ability to develop the channel partners, provide training, services of pre-sales and post-sales support, as well as supporting the activities of business development and sales.

"We were looking for a major distributor in Brazil, and with widespread presence in the major countries of Latin America," says Jacobo De Cal y Alonso (pictured), Tiesse senior executive business consultant in Latin America.

"The initial idea - said Francisco Camargo, CEO of Clm - is to focus on fast-growing markets such as M2M and Smartgrid. Tiesse fact is a manufacturer with a significant position in Europe in these specific segments with a significant customer base and a wide range of technologies embedded in products - M2M, Mobile Backup and Smartgrid. Clm is expected to increase customers through global agreements that will have a major expansion in Latin America. The technical certification of the system integrator selected will be ready in 90 days. "

"We are very pleased with the agreement with Clm - Fabrizia Montefiori, CEO of Tiesse - a highly qualified partner. This agreement is the result of action of the important investments we are making to promote our technologies and products throughout the world. "

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