From Repubblica.it: Electronics restart, not only exports, now also Italy grows

Sensors and Internet of things behind the recovery in domestic orders. The industry capitalizes the efforts of R&D: it is worth 30% alone of Italian private investment in research. More optimism among businesses.

Extract from the article on Repubblica.it by Christian Benna

[...] The electronics industry has strong performances, very advanced in the area of Ivrea, like Tiesse, another child born to former Olivetti's manager, which in Italy alone ahs installed 200 thousand M2M devices and more than 100 thousand routers. These are used in remote control and management of networks, where Tiesse competes with big international players such as Huawei and Cisco.
"The energy sector - says Fabrizia Montefiori, CEO of Tiesse - is giving us the gretaer satisfaction. Just think of the renovation of the electricity or gas networks, of which our devices enable the efficient and controlled use."[...]

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