From Cor.Com: Cpl Concordia chooses Tiesse, a new alliance for smart building management

An alliance for the management of smart buildings with energy saving.

Tiesse, a subsidiary of NVD group, founded in 1998 and focused on corporate networking, was selected with its own line of M2M products as technology partner to entrust with data transmission over cellular radio network within the IT solutions Cpl Concordia. CPL Concordia selects the Tiesse M2M mobile radio products for its building management system solution (BMS), in the area of the remote control of heating systems related to buildings for which it has entered into a contract with Energy Service.

Tiesse, which in fifteen years has established itself in the domestic market in a highly competitive industry such as routers and machine to machine devices, where it competes with big international players such as Huawei and Cisco, has been side by side with Cpl Concordia from initial stage of the technology validation and the better development of the solution.

Tiesse designs and manufactures in Italy router with connectivity for fixed line (ADSL, ISDN, HDSL, G.SHDSL, VDLS2), mobile network (GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA, LTE) and M2M devices. The functional features and high performance make them suitable to be used in mission critical applications sensitive to the continuity of service, security, network performance and control costs.

Tiesse and Cpl Concordia so begin an active collaboration in the new scenarios of smart building systems managed remotely for greater efficiency, safety and economy.

For several years, Cpl Concordia uses for its architecture BMS (Building Management System) and BEMS (Building Energy Management System) as a private APN network infrastructure that connect the various "nodes", which acquire a static IP within the PLC network. Each "node" represents one or more remote devices used as remote management, automation, and remote meter reading from a central heating and cooling present in a building with an active contract management and / or Energy Service. Each device is web-server and performs the operations of:automation system, publication data in real time via integrated graphics pages, send critical alarms and not by e-mail or SMS, historicizing trends of all the significant values of the system, periodically sending automated reports via email or FTP concerning trends, alarms and other situations of interest.

"For Tiesse collaboration with Cpl Concordia, a leading Italian multi-operating at an international level, has an important meaning," said Fabrizia Montefiori (photo), CEO of Tiesse. "We believe that over time the recognition of the validity of our products can be extended to other profiles offer and to different markets," he said Montefiori. "We have been for some time in the utilities sector with M2M products and routers for both traditional infrastructure and smart grids: no doubt the fact that Cpl Concordia and Tiesse are two Italian companies and with R&D premises can only facilitate common goals" .

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