Key4biz reviews the Tiesse website

Key4biz, online newspaper on the digital economy and the culture of the future, edited by Raffaele Barberio, has analysed our website and expressed a very positive opinion.

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by Flavio Fabbri |  September, 2 - 2015, 11:08

Made in Italy  has always been synonymous with innovation and guaranteed quality, also in the ICT and high-tech field. The Italian company Tiesse designs and builds, here in Italy, business-class M2M (Machine-to-Machine) systems for multichannel connectivity.

Taking a look at the Tiesse offer, directly on its corporate website www.tiesse.com, one finds the detailed technical specifications of all the products in the price list, including routers and M2M devices, for business, mission critical and corporate networking applications, which can be used via traditional wired as well as and mobile connection (including 4G LTE).

The development of new generation critical infrastructures, dissemination of technological innovation and, therefore, development of the digital economy are three factors necessary for the growth of the economy as a whole and companies must be able to seize the many opportunities that the market offers.

Also available in English, the Tiesse.com website illustrates to visitors the strengths of the corporate strategy: innovation, applications, efficiency, security, quality and internationalisation. Connectivity is currently one of the key elements and will be increasingly so in the future.

Energy (energy efficiency, smart grids), sustainable mobility and transport (high speed trains), digital payment, gaming, retail, government and utilities are just some examples of the use of Tiesse solutions available in the 'Scenarios and Applications' area.

Other filters for browsing the website are available at the top of the home page, in the graphic header under the items: ‘Products’, ‘Support’, ‘News’, ‘About us’, ‘How to find us’. A comprehensive overview off the company's solutions and its core business.

The graphical interface is entirely oriented to the visitor, with photos, images and internal links to facilitate access to documents, many of which are supported by multimedia slide shows. Finally, consultation of the content is easy and accessible to everyone, thanks to the simple and transparent language (despite the complexity of the subject).

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