When Technology speaks Italian: Tiesse of Ivrea, Made-in-Italy innovation

All Italian technology for Tiesse of Ivrea, which has its roots in the humus of the Olivetti world: that's where the founder, Mario Ciofalo, hails from

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by Raffaele Barberio | @rafbarberio | July, 31 - 2015, 18:50

A pleasant surprise and a success story. That's how we can define it.

A pleasant surprise for anyone who discovers it right now, but the history of Tiesse of Ivrea dates far back and has its roots in the humus of the world of Olivetti which, in the sixties, forged an entire ruling class and launched a series of managers without precedence.

That's where Mario Ciofalo, the founder of Tiesse, hails from, an Olivetti-trained manager who started with a challenge: continue in the technological wake that had made Ivrea one of the world capitals of innovation.

It is there, in fact, that today the company's products are conceived, designed and built: landline (ADSL, HDSL, G.SHDSL, VDLS2) and mobile (GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA, LTE) routers.

All-Italian technology, which is establishing itself in a high-growth market segment, such as that of wireless connection, with penetration in significant areas of the private market and the award of public tenders of great significance, in spite of the presence of the large American connectivity giants.

But there's more.

The small Ivrea company is today engaged in the field of devices and solutions in the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) world, a sector that is exploding with the affirmation of the Internet of Things: billions of objects that communicate with people or between themselves.

We were saying that Tiesse was a success story and this is perhaps the most striking element, at a time when many Italian companies are being sold or are in structural difficulties.

The Ivrea company is growing and consolidating itself on foreign markets, with a strategy that is looking towards both Asia as well as the Americas.

A nice story on which we should reflect, in order to understand not so much where we went wrong, but to identify where to take up from in order to relaunch the extraordinary potential of the Italian system: a system in which SMEs represent a backbone of great competence, flexibility and creativity.

As the story of Tiesse, the small Ivrea company, teaches us.

We will come back to this success story in the coming weeks.