From Office Automation: 'Routers: the Italian Tiesse challenges the big market players'

With an installed base of 400,000 devices in our country, the Ivrea company has a solid presence in the telecom carrier, utilities, retail and gaming markets. Starting in 2016, a new internationalisation strategy will get underway.

Those who believe that there is no domestic production of routers in Italy would do well to think again. Also in the design and production of network hardware, our country can indeed boast a significant presence, able to compete on equal terms with both the big, high-profile names in this market, as well as with the more aggressive Asian vendors.
This is Tiesse, an NVD group company, founded in Ivrea in 1998 by a former Olivetti manager which, operating with 50 employees focused on research and development, can currently boast an installed base of over 400,000 devices in our country for routing traffic in private networks, of which approx. 50% developed in M2M contexts.
“We work with the leading telecom carriers in the country – Telecom Italia, Wind, Fastweb and BT - but we are also present in the corporate networks of numerous banks, utilities, industries, governments and retail operators. In addition, more than 100,000 devices have been installed in private networks supporting the major gaming players: Lottomatica, Sisal and others”, says Mario Ciofalo, Tiesse Chairman.


Competing on equal terms with the networking giants

The markets in which Tiesse operates are difficult to access and to overcome this very high barrier to entry, the company focuses on various factors. "The first is the quality of our products. All our devices are always updated to the latest certifications and approvals required by the telecom operators and this has allowed us, for some time now, not only to provide devices for their networks, but also to be included in the catalogues that they offer to the market. For the same reason, we work with the leading systems integrators and, thanks to them, our routers are often used in many mission-critical corporate networks".
The pride of Tiesse, on the one hand, is its design ability, which has always had the objective of integrating all the customer's needs in a single compact solution, and, on the other, very fast time to market, allowing the company to arrive before the competition in releasing products based on new technologies: "We were the first to release products on the Italian market for 2G, 3G and 4G. We obtained the LTE certification of the major telecom operators when these networks were still in the design phase".
Moreover, the company invests heavily in technical skills which are always kept at the highest level and in production and logistics organisation: "We work just in time and each device delivered to the customer is controlled and certified, we don't just do simple random checks". A specificity of Tiesse is also the engineering of M2M solutions, i.e. routers that are customised with embedded applications developed specifically to perform certain tasks. Solutions always consolidated in a single integration: "We develop particularly sophisticated devices, which are not suitable for everyone's pocket. Such as those for the gaming industry, where each individual gamble managed by authorised dealers in the various collection points (gaming halls, tobacconists, etc.) is controlled in real time by the Revenue Agency in a matter of seconds; and this for millions of transactions per day".
2016 will see important developments: "After having entered the South American market three years ago, we will take the first steps towards starting business in Asia, especially in China and Japan. In parallel, we will also be looking at the United States and Europe. We want to bring our message to the entire world: there are also Italian routers".


Innovation made in Italy

Innovation made in Italy is a trademark of the NVD group that aims to mark the presence of Italian technological excellence in certain sectors. In this context, in addition to Tiesse, the NVD group also includes Microlys which designs, manufactures and distributes dot matrix print heads, printer modules and actuation mechanisms for electromechanical devices in general on the international OEM market.


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