On CorCom: Enel, in Puglia a smart grid by Tiesse

The Ivrea company will provide routers for automation of the medium-voltage grid. Chairman Ciofalo: "Now we will strengthen our commitment to foreign markets: Usa, Japan and China first and foremost"

Tiesse was the successful bidder in the tender which Enel Distribuzione called for the supply of routers for automation of the medium-voltage grid in the Puglia Region. The Ivrea company that designs and manufactures entirely 'Made in Italy' Routers for fixed and mobile networks, has won the Enel tender for the "Puglia Active Network" project, beating the competition of the main international industry players. The selection - says a note from Tiesse - was based on the prior verification of compliance of the technological components with the strict quality and security criteria required by Enel Distribuzione for automation of the Puglia grid.

Immission into the grid by tens of thousands of independent solar or wind power electricity producers - explains Tiesse - has revolutionised grid operation and management on the part of all the major operators worldwide. Unlike the past, in fact, today continuous and immediate interventions are required to meet the requirements of greater grid stability, continuity of service, energy efficiency and quality of the electricity supply".

“We invested resources and means for the research and development of Imola Smart Grid, the device which won the ENEL tender - says Mario Ciofalo (in the photo), Chairman of Tiesse - This award positions us even more as manufacturers and suppliers of Routers with the necessary requirements for mission-critical network applications, and confirms our vocation in the field of the Internet of Things, with solutions which, in addition to advanced routing functionalities, provide specific functionalities for the Smart Grid application solution. This success also confirms and reinforces our commitment to foreign markets, first and foremost in the USA, Japan and China".