On the cover of Office Automation: Tiesse in the core of Smart Grids

The Enel tender concerning the 'Puglia Active Network' project was awarded to Tiesse, an Ivrea company that designs and manufactures entirely Made in Italy routers for fixed and mobile networks. A confirmation of the vocation of the company to operate in mission critical areas and of the technological quality of the advanced routing functionalities for the Internet of Things.

By Ruggero Vota

Providing efficiency to the distributed production of electricity is the goal of Smart Grids, an important issue for all countries which, like Italy, have experienced a boom in production from renewable energy sources in recent years, first and foremost from photovoltaic and wind power. And it is precisely for this reason that also in the context of Smart Grids, as in many other sectors, Italy is able to express examples of excellence that can become a model to be followed by all other countries that are investing and implementing precisely in this area.

In this scenario, an important element has been added that gives visibility to this excellence, thanks to the recent Enel tender for the 'Puglia Active Network' project which was awarded to Tiesse, an Ivrea company which designs and manufactures Made in Italy routers for fixed and mobile networks and which on this occasion overcame the competition of the biggest industry players. The selection was based on the prior verification of compliance of the technological components with the strict quality and security criteria required by Enel Distribuzione for automation of the Puglia grid.

Telecommunications are the core of Smart Grids

Smart Grids are electricity networks that can intelligently integrate the behaviour and actions of all users connected to them - producers, consumers and those fulfilling both roles - in order to efficiently deliver sustainable, economic and secure electricity supplies. With the Smart Grid concept comes the ability to analyse, monitor, control and communicate with the electricity distribution and transmission system, so that it can optimise system efficiency and help save energy. A smart grid delivers the electricity produced by producers to consumers using information technology to save energy, reduce costs and increase the reliability and transparency of electricity systems.

“The core of a Smart Grid is therefore constituted by telecommunications networks that must be appropriately designed to connect substations, generators and loads to the medium voltage network, in parallel also involving upgrading of the central remote control systems, field devices (remote terminal units, fault protection devices and detectors, ed) and medium voltage customer/producer devices”, explains Vincenzo Luciano Lucrezia, Tiesse Technical Director.

An more efficient electricity production and distribution network contributes to energy independence, to the reduction in global warming and at the same time increases network and systems security, not negligible factors for the current state of our country and the planet as a whole.


Tiesse: a company with a heritage

Smart Grid solutions are the focus of the investments of Tiesse, a company based in Ivrea where Olivetti was born and developed for many decades. And precisely from Olivetti hail the founders of Tiesse which designs and produces routers and networking equipment, develops custom hardware and software turnkey projects and provides professional services with high technological content in the field of telecommunications, security and data collection. "Smart Grids bring about significant changes in the electricity distribution model – says Fabrizia Montefiori, Tiesse CEO. Due to how they are built and operate, Smart Grids ensure electricity distributors the use of intelligent networks, able to transport flows depending on needs and emergencies, also integrating the contribution of electricity from independent producers. Electricity demand is controlled using meters, nodes, network nodes, applications and devices that modulate its delivery. Tiesse covers the telecommunications element with a complete, innovative and winning offer of Smart Grid-ready products."

According to Assoelettrica estimates, "from 2002 to date, 3.15 billion euros have been invested in 450 Smart Grid projects. But this figure is not even remotely adequate: Europe requires 400 billion euros by 2020 to modernise electricity transmission and distribution networks".

With routers and M2M devices, Tiesse sees Smart Grids as an area for further expansion: "It is a natural evolution for Tiesse to propose a broad offer of telecommunication products in this scenario that respond to all the connectivity requirements, starting from routers that for years have been in the catalogues of the leading telecom operators– explains Lucrezia. In this way, in addition to covering the specific needs of Smart Grid architectures, we ensure full interoperability and compatibility with the networks of all the market operators".

"Historically, we have never been afraid of competing with the major, also international, players - adds Montefiori - we have proven that we are competitive and we were first to market with technologically advanced solutions. For example, we were the first to release professional routers on the Italian market for 2G, 3G and 4G".


Tiesse: made in Italy innovation that looks abroad

Tiesse designs and manufactures, entirely in Italy, professional routers and devices for M2M communication with traditional wired (starting from the traditional xDSL to the most modern broadband networks) and mobile (from GPRS to the latest LTE developments) connectivity. Tiesse products, before being released on the market, are always tested in the laboratories of the telecom operators, thus enabling customers to have competitive advantages in accessing new technologies.

With more than 400,000 routers installed, Tiesse products are suitable for corporate networking business and mission critical applications. Of particular interest are the names of the Tiesse router and M2M lines, which underline the all-Italian origin of the products, including: Imola, Lipari and Levanto.

With regard to winning the Enel tender, Mario Ciofalo, Tiesse Chairman, comments with great satisfaction: “We invested resources and means for the research and development of Imola Smart Grid, the device which won the ENEL tender. This award positions us even more as manufacturers and suppliers of routers with the necessary requirements for mission-critical network applications, and confirms our vocation in the field of the Internet of Things, with solutions which, in addition to advanced routing functionalities, provide specific functionalities for the Smart Grid application solution. This success also confirms and reinforces our commitment to foreign markets, first and foremost in the USA, Japan and China".


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