Key4 biz: TIESSE bets on innovation: 4G routers and 3G PDAs for Gaming.

Potential customers of TIESSE are the managers of 780 concessions granted by the Customs and Monopoly, to which the company is able to provide a wide range of transmission equipment including mobile solutions 4G

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Instant lotteries, slot machines (360,000 active in Italy), video lotteries (51,000 devices), the lottery and super-lottery, sports betting and remote games such as video poker. These are areas that represent a thriving market and Confindustria estimates there are 120,000 sales outlets where different types of games are played, for an annual turnover of 84 billion euros, of which 67 billion in winnings paid out to players.

TIESSE, a network technology company specialising in made in Italy routers and leader in the connection of slot machines on the mobile network, and which in Gaming has identified one of the important segments of its business, is present in this context. The company's goal is to develop new 3G and 4G network devices and routers to cover all the fixed and mobile connectivity needs of Concessionaires

Over the years, leveraging on its technological expertise, Tiesse has consolidated its position in the market represented by 50% of slot machine data collection (over 165,000 wireless M2M devices with GPRS connectivity) and an installed base of 65,000 wired and wireless routers (xDSL, 2G, 3G), employed in different remote Gaming sectors.

The Gaming sector, governed by strict regulations, is one of the main service sectors in our country, with 6,600 companies in the supply chain and 140,000 employees.

In this context, potential TIESSE customers are those who manage the 780 concessions granted by the Customs and Monopolies Agency(AMMS), to which the company is able to provide a wide range of transmission equipment, recently expanded with 4G mobile solutions.

TIESSE is aiming to broaden the scope of wireless connectivity equipment for companies such as Lottomatica (80,000 sales outlets), Sisal (more than 30,000 sales outlets), Snai, leading sports betting operator, together with B Plus, Cogetech, Gamenet, Admiral GN, Intralot GM, Adria Gaming and Codere.

Security and reliability are the most critical and essential aspects for communication networks in Gaming. The Concessionaire, in order to deliver the services that it provides from its platform, must have a network able to meet the stringent security criteria envisaged by the Customs and Monopolies Agency approval tests. This ensures that all gaming activities are carried out within the limits established by law, both as regards legality as well as all the tax aspects.

In particular, the communication network must interconnect the terminals (slot machines, video lotteries, PCs) and the gaming platform and ensure the periodic collection of data and its daily transfer to the central system of the Customs and Monopolies Agency.

Very delicate operations which TIESSE devices help to implement with highly reliable solutions, all certified by the Telcos and now ready for 4G.