A day in the company: Tiesse, Made in Italy excellence in network technologies (video)

In the Key4biz report, the voices of the protagonists: the employees who every day contribute to this success, and the company management

by Redazione | @Key4biz | 13 January 2016, at 10:52

This is one of the companies of excellence in network technologies in our country, a small Made in Italy jewel. Thanks to this video report, we spend a day in the production life of Tiesse, an Ivrea-based company that is experiencing a period of significant growth, something not to be sniffed at, given the hyper-competitive environment in which it operates, as well as its size.

Speaking about the company are its employees, the resources that every day contribute to this success, up to the Chairman, Mario Ciofalo and the Chief Executive Officer, Fabrizia Montefiori.

Specialised in 3G and 4G routers and professional M2M technologies to meet both fixed and mobile connectivity requirements, Tiesse is growing in terms of its offer and skills, positioning itself in new segments of demand and offering innovative solutions, focussing a significant part of its business on the Gaming and Smart Grid sectors.

For the moment the video is only available in Italian, with subtitles in English.

If you prefer to read the interview than watch the video, please, see the video script below.

Video script:

Mario Ciofalo, Chairman: “Tiesse was founded at the beginning of 1998 through the acquisition of an Olivetti business unit. We have our slogan: "Innovation made in Italy". Above all we produce routers intended for "mission critical" applications. We are focused on the router and machine to machine world.”

Fabrizia Montefiori, CEO: “We were the first to bring, for example in Telecom, a router with integrated mobile interconnection with the fixed part for the professional world”.

Mario Ciofalo, Chairman: “Machine to Machine is an object that manages the business of a large account”

Vittorio Moscatelli, Commercial Director: “We currently have an installed base of around 400,000 units, at the main Italian corporate networks and the areas in which we operate range from large-scale distribution to industry, services, utilities and public administration”.

Mario Ciofalo, Chairman: “Our routers have a very high packing level from the component point of view.”

Fabrizia Montefiori, CEO: “The things that we make are designed, developed, manufactured, repaired and supported by us, we manage the entire cycle”

Employee: “In this area that you see behind me, Tiesse projects take shape”

Employee: “Repair workshop. We have as our tools:a heat camera, that allows us to see temperatures, an excellent four-track oscilloscope, a machine to weld BGA components and a microscope. We are ready, we are ready to go”

Employee: “So now we are arranging the assembly of some cards, cross-checking the assembly of two different PCBs on our Imola product.”

Luciano Lucrezia, Technical Director: “We have a product line called "Imola" which, according to the interfaces we mount, we obtain a specialisation of Imola. So it includes: performance, quality of service, reliability. Of course at this particular time we are very committed to routers for Smart Grid applications. We pay very close attention to the issues of quality of service, flexibility and applications dynamism.”

Lorenzo Ciofalo, CEO of Microlys S.p.A.: “We have three production lines: one is substantially used for the more generic products, so it is a very automated production line; one is dedicated to Enel products and another with products more dedicated to the Gaming world”

Mario Ciofalo, Chairman: “The bulk of the value of those routers is the firmware, and the software.We have started international business in South America”

Vittorio Moscatelli, Commercial Director: “We are trying to leverage the presence of our customers who are establishing themselves abroad”

Mario Ciofalo, Chairman: “So we decided to go and explore the distribution of these products in the United States, China and Japan”

Vittorio Moscatelli, Commercial Director: “We are very appreciated as a company that knows how to combine the ability to be flexible and close to the needs of the customer with the possibility to have quality and solidity in production processes”

Fabrizia Montefiori, CEO: “We can do this because we are our own masters”

Mario Ciofalo, Chairman: “We believe that only by controlling all processes can the product be optimised

Fabrizia Montefiori, CEO: “We have been both determined and prudent at the same time”

Luciano Lucrezia, Technical Director: “Early in our history, we were able to blend the concepts typical of information technology with those of telecommunications, the relationship with Universities and in particular with the Polytechnic of Turin. Access to the qualification and certification laboratories of telephone companies, such as Tilab, and the stimulus provided by certain large long-standing customers, such as Lottomatica, which have always believed in us, given us confidence and served as a stimulus to push us to make increasingly competitive products”

Employee: “It is amazing to see where we are now, considering where we started from”

Employee: “It is a company where one works very well, there is dialogue, there is willingness”

Employee: “When I have a problem I know who to turn to very quickly”

Employee: “Everyone is aware of being part of something”

Employee: “There is a relationship of trust”

Employee: “I am more than happy, absolutely!”

Fabrizia Montefiori, CEO: “It is very important to provide jobs, create jobs. Your business is rewarding, but does it also create jobs?”

Mario Ciofalo, Chairman: “We have our slogan: "Innovation made in Italy"”