Key4biz: 'Made in Italy routers, Tiesse looks abroad' - Interview with Mario Ciofalo (video)

The Chairman of Tiesse, Mario Ciofalo, illustrates the expansion plans of the company specialised in routers and M2Ms in the US, China and Japan

by the Editorial Staff | @Key4biz | 18 January 2016, at 13:15

Quality, innovation, price. These are the three keys that have made Tiesse solutions very competitive on the market, so much so that the small Ivrea-based company is now in  the expansion phase and, following an initial internationalisation experience in South America, is now looking to other important markets: United States, China and Japan.

A great achievement for a small company founded in 1998 through the acquisition of a business unit of Olivetti.

Telling us about the company, in the video interview by the Director of Key4biz, Raffaele Barberio, is the Chairman of TiesseMario Ciofalo.

Tiesse, Made in Italy Innovation, manufactures routers for mission-critical applications for large networks that require maximum security, specialising in 3G and 4G routers and professional M2M technologies to cover fixed and mobile connectivity needs; today, the Ivrea-based company is positioning itself in new demand segments and proposing innovative solutions, focussing a substantial part of its business in the Gaming and Smart Grid sectors.

If you prefer to read the interview more than to watch the video, see below.

Raffaele Barberio, Key4biz: “We are in Ivrea to talk about Tiesse, an important company that has had record growth and we are here with Mario Ciofalo, Group Chairman, precisely to ask him how Tiesse came about, with what mission and what has been the journey that Tiesse started and has developed during these 20 years”.

Mario Ciofalo, Chairman: “Tiesse was founded at the beginning of 1998 through the acquisition of an Olivetti business unit, small, but with interesting content, based on which it was possible to start the development process of a start-up dedicated in a very precise and defined manner to corporate networking.
Above all we produce routers intended for "mission critical" applications and so they comprise all those functionalities that are required for large distributed networks and for which security is a fundamental aspect.
Our speed, flexibility and obviously focus on research and development have enabled us to do these kind of things.”

Raffaele Barberio, Key4biz: “How did little Tiesse overcome the challenge of being competitive with the networking giants?”
Mario Ciofalo, Chairman: “The basic rule is always the same: make products that are evidently required by the market and that respond to end user needs, make them well, so being focused is important because it avoids wasting energy and resources, and thus working badly rather than on the core business.
We are focused on the router and machine to machine world and there we have developed a whole series of features which, on the one hand, have enabled us to develop innovative solutions in a timely manner, when the customer was asking for them and when it had still not chosen other suppliers. And on the other, because we have been able to create very competitive solutions, i.e. quality, innovation, price. These are the key elements to which we pay much attention.
Not always what is said about a technology five years later manifests itself exactly as it was intended. This, however, is part of the challenge of our business, we must obviously be committed to the most innovative networking technologies, so as to provide our customers products with a high level of functionality.
If you look at our routers, they have an extremely high packing level from the component point of view! The bulk of the value of those routers is the firmware and the software! These are the things that, evidently, we have built over the years and have allowed us to create solutions that can definitely compete with the giants. But we do it well, it does not take any effort.”

Raffaele Barberio, Key4biz: “Tiesse produces Italian objects, designed and made in Italy, and is today looking to foreign markets, with extreme attention. What are your plans?”
Mario Ciofalo, Chairman: “We have started the international business on a larger scale, opening a first operation in South America. From there we have refined our organisational capabilities to meet internationalisation requirements, we have obviously taken steps to strengthen certain segments of the company and, having done this, we have assessed that in our product catalogue there are certain products that are absolutely highly competitive on all international markets. 
So we have decided to go and explore the distribution of these products, through partners of course, in the United States, China and Japan.
This type of choice has a very simple reason: the big markets are those, together they count for, if not two-thirds, 60% of the world market of the equipment we deal with. So either one is able to enter those markets and initiate a significant development of our presence there, or inevitably we will remain marginal, and that is not what we want.

Raffaele Barberio, Key4biz: “We, Mr. Chairman, are rooting for you and your Group, we wish you every success, as with your previous endeavours”
Mario Ciofalo, Chairman: “And I, in the meantime, reiterate our slogan "Innovation made in Italy"”.