CorCom: Smart Grids: Puglia leads the way

The "Puglia active network" promoted by Enel Distribuzione, gets underway. Telecommunications technologies supported by Vodafone and Tiesse

Improve the performance of the Puglia electricity grid and enable innovative management of electricity distribution throughout the Region with a “smart” approach, fostering effective support in the use and development of renewable sources, energy efficiency and electric mobility: this is “Puglia Active Network, the Enel Distribuzione project presented in Bari and supported by the  European Community and by the Ministry of the Environment and  Protection of the Land and Sea. For the telecommunications part, the project is supported by the  Vodafone network and Tiesse routers, as already anticipated in October by CorCom.

Puglia is the Italian region with the greatest production of energy from new renewable sources, with an installed capacity of over 5,000 megawatts and able to meet the annual energy needs of 3 million 400 thousand households. It is precisely this high concentration of small and large producers of electricity with zero emissions and the need to manage this distributed generation that makes the heel of Italy the ideal area for developing the Enel Distribuzione "Puglia Active Network" project.

Puglia will thus be the first region in the world to test the efficiency of an absolutely innovative electricity system. An intelligent network will run through the entire Regione and will be able to manage the electricity service with greater flexibility integrating the energy generated by renewable energy systems distributed throughout the region and ensuring a balance between electricity supply and demand.

“We have invested resources and means for the development and research of Imola Smart Grid, the device that won the Enel tender - says Mario Ciofalo, Tiesse Chairman – the experience in Puglia strengthens our position as manufacturers and vendors of routers suitable for applications for mission critical networks and confirms our vocation in the Internet of Things” sector.

Enel will carry out works on over 8,000 electricity substations integrating an always-on modern communication network which, thanks to wireless technology, will connect the medium voltage grid to a central control system. The Puglia smart grid will be more reliable and secure and able to transport not only electricity but also information and data concerning the real time evolution of consumption. These are innovations that will have a major impact on the environment resulting in lower carbon dioxide emissions and that will reduce the need to build new substations and power lines, thus avoiding subtracting new space from the region and making new excavations.

“Smart Grids are essential to ensure an economically efficient and sustainable electricity system, with low losses and high quality of service, supply security, physical security and respect for the environment" says Gianluigi Fioriti, CEO of Enel Distribuzione.