On Digital Voice: The Strategy of Tiesse

Interview with Fabrizia Montefiori, Tiesse CEO. Growing investments. That's the direction of Tiesse, the Ivrea-based company

Investments and growth.

That's the direction of Tiesse, the Ivrea-based company representing Made in Italy excellence. "We operate in the field of networking products, - explains Fabrizia Montefiori, CEO of the company - In particular, we are always focused on connectivity for access to fixed and mobile broadband networks , with a complete line of access routers for corporate networks, e-business and connectivity in the IoT world with M2M devices. We compete , especially in the router field, with international players”. The added value of Tiesse is to ensure, thanks to its local presence, a close link and a direct channel. "We are able to support our partners, whether corporate companies or telecommunications operators, with a direct presence on the end customer, also in the solution design phase. Our routers – continues Montefiori – have characteristics which are absolutely comparable and aligned with the top of the market, with a favourable price/performance ratio; also thanks to the very short delivery chain, we design, manufacture and distribute directly or through local partners, ensuring a level of product price stability with respect

to currency fluctuations due to the fact that most of our costs are in euros".

2015 saw an increase in turnover of around 7%, "despite being a year of significant investments and offer transition", while from since year to date Tiesse has started and not yet completed a phased plan of recruiting qualified personnel essentially in the technical area, with an increase of approx. 18%.

Customers and markets

Our target markets are those of corporal networking and M2M, with particular focus on utilities and smart metering" points out Montefiori. The sales channels are mainly Telcos, ''except for certain special cases of large accounts, such as Lottomatica and Enel which, at their discretion, sometimes buy directly from us. Our products are certified and incorporated into their standard service offers or selected to respond to tenders; in this case our added value is collaboration and development of the solution. In the M2M sector we have a number large direct customers whom we supply in volume both for tenders as well as direct projects. Naturally, we are also looking to become more international.

Already in 2016, a share of our revenues will come from exporting one product category - announces the CEO - For the characteristics of the target market, it is very difficult to think of exporting a general purpose technology, since the barriers to entry are very high and often defined by the governments themselves which everywhere, in a more or less obvious manner, favour local companies. We are therefore focusing on much more specialised, vertical solutions, such as the solution for smart grids, thanks to which we won an important tender with Enel".

With regard to the latter, engaged in building an ultra broadband that arrives directly to the customer's home, ''at the moment we do not have any agreements in place,-says Montefiori – but the fact of being present on several fronts in the Enel distribution network with several of our products, such as primary and secondary substations, smart grids and charging stations, augurs well for being able to be involved in their projects in the future. Should Enel decide to provide not only the network but also access and services, probably following the usual channel used for qualification and public tenders, - concludes the Tiesse AD - we have the right products".