From CorCom: Tiesse focuses on quality: 4 challenges to grow further

The Italian company is consolidating investments on the control system of the entire supply chain, from production to sales. Focus on laboratory testing, technical support, human resources and product management

by An.F.

Four macro-areas to assure product and service quality. Tiesse, an Italian company specialised in corporate networking, broadband routers and IoT applications, is continuing to invest in its Quality and Assurance system, whose objective is the introduction of flows and procedures and the design of new test environments, to improve not only product quality but the entire supply chain leading to the sale of its routers and M2Ms, as well as their after-sales assistance.

Increased investments facilitated by the company's growth in recent years, in terms of both turnover and market share. Today the company also places special emphasis on the organisation of Pre and Post-Sales support activities, with great attention to training of technical staff and external partners.
Among the main areas affected by recent investments are the product quality control laboratory, situated at the head office of Tiesse (Ivrea). There the tests and checks on the firmware and software releases that will then be loaded, in the production phase, on all Router and M2M families are carried out. Currently there are fourteen areas within the Laboratory and, as system support for the tests performed, Tiesse has chosen an open source system due to the possibilities to customise the functionalities which, among other things, are implemented directly by its R&D department.

There is also Pre/Post-Sales technical support: in the event of a technical support request in both Pre-sales as well as on a Tiesse device already installed in the field, customers can easily and quickly find the right contacts on the company's website, on the dedicated page, where they can also find the product user documentation. There are also the Tiesse field technicians and several Partners throughout the country that supplement and represent the "armed wing" of a company that considers the customer relationship the crux of the entire structure.

Also the human resources macro-area is fundamental to the vision of Tiesse. Continuous training and qualification of its personnel is a vital element for the company's success and development. To facilitate the identification of areas in need of development and further training, the Quality Department has agreed with the Management, and as a result prepared, a "skills audit" system for every single company resource. The results, subsequently analysed, have already given rise to several training programmes and an even more dense schedule of courses and seminars has been planned for the foreseeable future.

Finally, there are also specific product quality management activities. Also to meet the much appreciated quality standards of "Made in Italy" products, hardware supplies Incoming Inspection procedures are subject to continuous improvement and rationalisation, with particular attention to AQL (Acceptable Quality Level) levels, end of line controls, management and analysis of non-conformities of both supplies and internal processes, management of customer-specific configurations and procedures relating to ad hoc production for specific customer requirements.

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