Smart Grid in Puglia: first primary substation of the grid inaugurated today

First 'Smart' primary electricity transformation substation of the Enel Group was inaugurated today in Grumo Appula. Project in collaboration with Vodafone Italia and TIESSE.

by the Editorial Staff | @Key4biz | 7 December 2016, at 16:50

First 'Smart' primary electricity transformation substation of the Enel Group was inaugurated today in Puglia in Grumo Appula. Puglia thus becomes the leading 'Smart' region in the world in terms of size, within the scope of “Puglia Active Networks”the Enel Distribuzione project, in collaboration with Vodafone Italia for 4G connectivity and TIESSE, the Ivrea-based company specialising in network technologies entirely Made in Italy, which won the tender for the supply of routers for automation of the medium voltage grid in Puglia.

The primary electricity transformation substation will have “Smart grid” functionalities: advanced voltage regulation, better management in the event of failures, simplified access to the grid for electricity produced by renewable sources. The primary substation in Grumo Appula is an integral part of the Puglia Active Networks (PAN) project, promoted by Enel Distribuzione and financed by European NER 300 funds.

It was launched a year ago and envisages a total investment of 170 million euros, half of which from the European NER 300 call. The goal of PAN is to optimise operation of the electricity grid in Puglia, one of the Italian regions with the highest penetration of distributed generation from renewable sources. A system capable of optimising voltage loads and improving service in terms of both quality as well as outage reduction.

“Thanks to investments of this type, Puglia now has a cutting-edge electricity grid”, said Gianluigi Fioriti, CEO of e-distribuzione“The commissioning of this substation, the largest in Italy and also in the world – continues Fioriti – is the first important step in the implementation of a strategic project at the service of a region that has always been committed to the adoption of development policies based on principles of innovation and sustainability”. “This project – adds Fioriti – is strategic because the implementation of this substation represents a radical change that allows advanced and intelligent management of the grid”.

The project concluded its first phase in April with the installation and upgrade of 1,200 substations out of the 8,000 planned in the programme. The primary substation in Grumo represents a further step towards conclusion of the programme. To date, work has been carried out on 3,900 secondary nodes, 10 primary nodes, 2 control centres (Bari and Palermo) and, thanks to Vodafone technologies, wireless LTE 4G always-on broadband  coverage of 8.000 network nodes is guaranteed. “Our goal – points out Fabrizio Rocchio, Technology Director of Vodafone Italia – is to be enablers of digital transformation, contributing, through ,Vodafone technology, to the development of cutting-edge networks and services that prepare for the future”.

The project will allow the electricity flow to be controlled in real time, optimising consumption demand at the regional level, eliminating waste and reducing costs, ultimately enabling constant quality control of the network and of the supply. The smart grid designed by Enel will also offer the possibility of recharging electric vehicles for urban mobility.