Tiesse XB 1000 RAS connette oltre 500.000 end point con Sangoma Diva Media boards

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Category: Remote Access
Customer: Tiesse
Solution: Dialogic Diva Media Boards
Featured Sangoma Product(s): Dialogic Diva Media Boards

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Italy’s Tiesse Connects Over 500,000 End Points with Sangoma Diva Media Boards

The Customer

A leader in machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity and management solutions, Tiesse develops innovative network devices, broadband routers, and IoT-enabling appliances. Through continuous R&D investment and close collaboration with Telco carriers and university research labs, Tiesse produces cutting edge products that fulÿll the strong requirements of performance, security, and reliability demanded by medium to large organizations.

Business Challenges

When developing their XB 1000 Remote Access Server, Tiesse wanted to create a modular and scalable solution that could interact with front-end remote monitoring applications in a wide range of industries. To do so, they needed media boards that would support multiple modem negotiation protocols, provide the °exibility for writing new applications, and easily integrate with Tiesse’s proprietary software for diagnostic purposes.

The Solution from Sangoma

Tiesse selected Sangoma’s Dialogic Diva media boards with a PRI interface. The boards are used within the XB1000 to collect data originated by remote terminals attached to ISDN, POTS, or wireless networks, and then conveyed to a central server via private data networks. This enabled Tiesse to build an affordable, stable, and state-of-the-art remote access server that could evolve to meet changing market requirements across multiple industries.

The Results

The integration of the Diva media boards’ diagnostic tools and Tiesse software made for a very reliable system that is easy to use in mission-critical applications. Today, the Tiesse XB1000 Remote Access Server has over 500,000 connected end points, and it is estimated that more than 50% of payment transactions over the RTG network in Italy are handled by XB1000 with Sangoma’s Dialogic Diva media boards after only a few years of the solution’s deployment. And with the announcement of the end of support for remote access servers by many key suppliers, Tiesse is poised to further expand its market share as the XB1000 is deployed to replace other suppliers’ end-of-life solutions.

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