Q8 Group and Tiesse, a consolidated partnership for the operational management of Service Stations.

Tiesse is confirmed as the technology partner of the Q8 Group, the second largest operator in the Italian oil market, for the supply of data transmission equipment on wired networks and mobile cellular radio.

Kuwait Petroleum Italia (Q8), following the completion of the acquisition of the Shell Network, Aviation, Supply and Distribution businesses, becomes the second largest operator in the Italian oil market. Tiesse S.p.A is confirmed as a technology partner with its own line of Router products, with which Q8 manages its capillary network of approximately 3500 points of sale.

A company of the Nvd group, the Eporediese company, founded in 1998, concentrates its activity on corporate networking.

Its solutions are those typical of a service station, such as POS services and video surveillance, and use a wide range of connections, both wired (ADSL) and mobile radio (3G and 4G LTE), for all the points of sale in the Q8 Italia Group network.

Tiesse, which in fifteen years has been able to establish itself on the national market in a highly competitive sector such as that of routers and M2M equipment, where it competes with big international players, has worked alongside Kuwait Petroleum Italia from the initial stages of the project to validate the technology and fine-tune the solution, both for the supply of hardware and for specific services with highly qualified personnel.

Tiesse designs and manufactures in Italy routers with connectivity for fixed network (ADSL, ISDN, HDSL, G.SHDSL, VDLS2) and mobile network (GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA, LTE) and M2M equipment. Their functional characteristics and high performance make them suitable for use in Mission Critical applications sensitive to service continuity, security, network performance and cost control.

Tiesse and Q8 therefore continue their collaboration and actively expand it on new Smart management scenarios for service stations through remotely managed systems for greater efficiency, safety, savings and openness to future developments.

“For Tiesse, the collaboration with the Q8 Group, one of the leading companies in the international oil sector, has an important significance,” said Vincenzo Luciano Lucrezia, Technical Director of Tiesse. “In fact, we believe that, over time, the recognition of the validity of our products and our support can extend to other offer profiles and to different markets,” Lucrezia continued. “We have long been present in the Energy sector with both M2M products and routers, both for traditional infrastructures and for high-tech solutions such as Smart Grids, SDN, Tele-management and Telecontrol.

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