Executive.it – Router and IoT: an italian way, interview with CTO Luciano Lucrezia

The experience and solutions of Tiesse S.p.A in a particularly strategic sector of networking.

Tiesse is a 100% Italian company that for over 20 years has been designing and producing routers, network equipment and the Internet of Things, and which operates in a global market, confronting and colliding, even in Italy, with the best known big players and aggressive international markets. We have deepened our activity together with the Chief Technology Officer, Vincenzo Luciano Lucrezia, to identify the possibilities offered and to understand the importance of having networking products designed and produced in Italy.

Let’s start with a definition of Tiesse and its activity …

First of all we are a company focused on the network and telecommunications equipment market, which are in our DNA. A product-oriented company with an industrial profile. Our products are certified and in the catalog of the main telco operators for the business market. In these 20 years we have followed all the technological evolution going from ISDN connectivity to fiber, from 2G to 4G and 5G. Years ago we were also the first to certify a router with integrated mobile radio and broadband connectivity and even today the evolution of that router represents, for telco and system integrators, one of the references for network backup solutions. In 2018 Tiesse was also the first company to certify the suitability of an Italian router with FTTH (Fiber to the Home) and EVDSL (Enhanced VDSL) connectivity in the business networks of a telco operator. At the same time, we are also carrying out some experiments, all promising, of products integrated within industrial systems and critical infrastructures, produced with sensors and protocols Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT). In essence, we are therefore talking about continuous investments to be in line with all the evolutions and be ready and above all timely to respond to market demands.

So what are the other topics you look at?

We focus on vCPE (Virtual CPE) to respond to the growing demand for virtualization with regards to network aspects, and on security to create increasingly Secure by Design products. The issue of security has always been central to our developments and plans. It is important to have control of the technologies that are at the base of the development and growth of a country, as Tiesse we have under control the entire supply chain and product life cycle from the design, to the choice and management of the component and material suppliers, to the production, quality control up to the repair services.

Where are your products most used?

Our routers and devices are present in the national market, in the main service station networks, in electricity distribution booths, in smart grids, in large-scale distribution and in banks; in addition to the main gaming operators and concessionaires of state monopolies. It is therefore a question of large networks distributed with stringent requirements in terms of reliability, quality of service and security: areas in which disservices and downs of networks are not allowed. Here in these years we have become a solid and credible company in constant growth and the trust of our customers has allowed our products to appear on foreign markets such as Romania, Switzerland, United States respectively in the market of utilities and smart buildings with innovative and flexible products.

In short, a flagship for our country …

I would say yes. Tiesse has shown that it is possible to do research and produce in Italy and be competitive and supporting investments in a highly technological sector over time. Tiesse wants to keep the production and all the skills and excellence developed over the years in Italy and is convinced of the importance of a national presence and supply chain on these issues. It is a strategic sector and we think it is an added value not only for our company but for all made in Italy, given the current strategies and positions taken by international powers in terms of duties and security.

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