Tiesse SpA – IoT for smart energy management of buildings

Tiesse products was selected by Antas S.r.l., a leading company in the supply of integrated energy services for Public Administrations. 20 years have passed since the expression Internet of Things was used for the first time at the MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and today the Italian IoT market is growing year on year for a total of 5 billion euros reached in 2018 (published data in 2019 by the Internet of Things Observatory, School of Management – Politecnico di Milano).

Tiesse, a 100% Italian company, founded in 1998, with commercial offices and research and development centers in Ivrea, Avezzano, Rome and Turin, designs and produces routers, network devices and M2M / IoT devices, since the birth of the IoT term. Tiesse with thousands of units produced and marketed each year, occupies an important position in the Italian IoT segment of energy and smart metering; in particular in the supply of modems and routers with 3G / 4G connectivity for the remote control applications of the secondary stations, for the remote management of electricity meters, for telemetry and monitoring of industrial assets and for integrated energy services.

Thanks to the experience and wide installed base of equipment in the sector, it was natural for the company Antas s.r.l. evaluate the products. Antas S.r.l., moreover, is the contractor of the CONSIP SIE3 Convention for the awarding of the integrated energy service for public administrations with over 3000 installations throughout Italy. In Antas services – Massimo Bertello, Head of the Remote Control Office, the role of the control and monitoring system is fundamental and a starting point to guarantee an efficient and quality service aimed at providing adequate operational flexibility. Network equipment connected to the control center, via the cellular network, must be secure, reliable and always-on, guaranteeing seamless connectivity. In addition to this we were in search – continues Massimo Bertello – of a solution that required the least possible time in terms of configuration and installation in the field, supported by a company that could guarantee both a solid competence and assistance with immediate feedback, all in line with the market prices of professional IoT products.

These features, which have always been part of Tiesse’s DNA, have made it possible to successfully build a first pilot and proceed quickly with the rollout in the field. The routers are preconfigured directly in the Tiesse factory which also takes care of inserting the SIMs and integrating the complete solution into special BOX with the necessary connections and power supplies. The product that leaves the factory is therefore ready for installation, which takes place without problems or waste of time and resources (zero touch provisioning). The success story with Antas – specifies Vittorio Moscatelli Sales Director of Tiesse – is the demonstration that it is possible to do research and produce in Italy and that Italian companies are able to compete in the global market of networking equipment: supplying products that optimize and reduce overall solution costs. We pay particular attention to the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) focusing not only on the economic competitiveness of the equipment but also on the efficiency in the configuration and installation phases and on the quality of operation in daily life and over time, eliminating any inefficiencies caused by interruption of data transmission or from the failure of the equipment. Thanks to the trust of customers – like Antas – the constant growth of our company continues. Tiesse wants to keep the production and all the skills and excellence developed over the years in Italy, in a strategic sector where we think – concludes Moscatelli – there can be added value not only for our company, but for all the Made in Italy at national level .

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