On Key4Biz – 5G and security, Lucrezia (Tiesse) ‘Our routers are golden power-proof’

Luciano Lucrezia, CTO of Tiesse, on the development of 5G: ‘We are very attentive to safety issues on which we focus a lot with a product designed and manufactured entirely in Italy’.

by Paolo Anastasio | June 24, 2021, 09:25 am

5G and the development of the new communication standard at the top of Tiesse’s agenda. The Ivrea-based company, specialized in routers and wireless technologies entirely made in Italy, is a company very attentive to technological development and after having developed several products for previous generations (2G, 3G and 4G) it is also expanding its range to 5G .

5G, the added value is safety

Luciano Lucrezia, CTO of Tiesse

On the launch pad there is a whole series of new 5G products, in particular the new fifth generation routers that will have a fundamental feature in the attention to security. “As an evolution of our products, which we will then put in the price list, in the catalog for all operators, the goal is to have a router that has 5G interfaces for mobile and 10 gigabit for fixed connections – said Luciano Lucrezia, CTO of Tiesse – we are very attentive to security issues on which we focus a lot with a product designed and manufactured entirely in Italy, where we control the entire supply chain, managing to manage the global situation of chipset shortages, a repercussion of the pandemic “

And given the controversy over 5G security, this is certainly not a secondary aspect. “We are also careful to select components of certain origin when it comes to technology”, adds Lucrezia.

No risk of golden power

Thus eliminated problems and risks on the golden power front, “but above all we have total control down to the last bit so that we do not risk intrusions. A whole suite of software protocols will be created on the technology that detect traffic and discover if there are any anomalies ”, explains Lucrezia.

In other words, not only the detection of possible attacks and anomalies, but also a monitoring of what is happening on the network. The product will be equipped with all internal and external protection mechanisms, using “machine learning algorithms that we are developing are very interesting,” he adds.

Why do risks increase with 5G?

But what are the main security problems to be addressed for 5G? “There will be a huge spread of 5G compared to 4G and previous generations – he says – and in addition, being a much more attractive network in terms of performance, even the services that will travel in 5G will be much more sensitive than those that run on 3G and 4G. “. For example, online surgical operations with immersive reality that can take place thanks to the low latency and very short times of the new 5G network.

Control of the supply chain

In other words, the use that will be made of the technology requires a truly superior attention in terms of safety. The increase in network use will grow hand in hand with that of risks. And this is why Tiesse carefully takes care of the activity of suppliers, participating directly in the research and development of components to better control the whole process, from start to finish. “We do not simply import technologies that we then integrate on our platforms – he adds – and that is why we have chosen, after an in-depth selection, the suppliers who, in addition to the quality of 5G components, guarantee us access to their R&D structure to create a better integration and amalgamation with our final product “.

Tiesse is a sponsor of ITASec, the reference event for IT security, organized by the CINI consortium (National Interuniversity Consortium for IT) and has also contributed to the organization of the national cybersecurity Olympics called Olicyber, which closed just a few days ago. . In fact, Tiesse provided the devices used by aspiring ethical hackers to challenge each other in a virtual arena, with code strokes to conquer adversary systems and defend their own.

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