Tiesse supports “Onde digitali”, an initiative of the Ivrea Canoa Club

Tiesse supports “Onde digitali”, an initiative of the Ivrea Canoa Club

We are happy to be part of it and to give notice to you all.

⬇ Credits: Metropolitan City of Turin (italian page)

The future of rowing becomes digital with the project “Onde Digitali”, a pioneering initiative conceived and promoted by the Ivrea Canoa Club in collaboration with the Metropolitan City of Turin and the TOP-IX Consortium is technically supported by technology companies such as Axis Communications, Elsynet Srl, Tiesse s.p.A and Elettric Solutions.

The project combines sport, environmental protection, civil security and tourism promotion, fully exploiting the potential of advanced technologies through the use of high-definition digital cameras and iot sensors. The beating heart of Onde Digitali lies in the implementation of a communication infrastructure that integrates an additional antenna to the bell tower of the Municipality of Ivrea, ensuring wireless data transmission at very wide bandwidth.

The six Axis professional cameras installed at the Canoa Stadium will not only allow live streaming of events, but will also ensure constant monitoring of the river, thus contributing to prevention and management of environmental emergencies. But innovations don’t stop there. The project also includes the dissemination of technical material for canoeing experts, offering them the opportunity to analyze in detail the paddling techniques and improve the performance of athletes.Digital waves not only promotes the spectacular dimension of the sport: It also stands out for its commitment to advanced safety, with water level monitoring, spectator safety and riverside control. With advanced sensors and high-definition cameras, you can ensure a safe environment for athletes and spectators, preventing potential risk situations.

“The Onde Digitali project” comments the director responsible for production and tourism in the Metropolitan City of Turin Sonia Cambursano “represents a beautiful synthesis between innovation and sports tradition and cutting-edge technology, which can give a strong impulse to make the Ivrea Canoe Stadium attractive on a large scale for the world of canoeing, for athletes and enthusiasts generating activities throughout the year and contributing to the tourist and economic development of the Eporediese”.

Fotografia di caoinsti allo Stadio della Canoa di Ivrea (TO) - Italy

Tiesse supports “Onde digitali”, an initiative of the Ivrea Canoa Club

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