Routers, switches, gateways, IoT/M2M devices,
network management software

Network and IoT/M2M devices

With Tiesse, your networks will have robust, reliable, secure and scalable products

Tiesse is a totally Italian private company, which has been producing routers, network equipment and M2M/IoT devices since 1998.
With four offices in Italy, Tiesse designs its own products, both at a hardware and software level and carries out tests in collaboration with Telco laboratories and universities, obtaining the relevant certifications; Tiesse manufactures its products entirely in Italy and provides the customer with qualified assistance and continuous after-sales support.
Tiesse is present in both the Italian and international markets.

It is part of the NVD group, whose mission is to create new companies with high technological content.

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Mission, Vision, Values

What is leading Tiesse? Innovation, intelligence and synergy, as well as the vision of a new era. The mission is on data networks, at the client's service.


Innovation, reliability, sustainability have led us to be leaders in various sectors of the telecommunications market.


Like the bamboo plant, we are a versatile and solid company. We are in full control: design - production - supply chain.

From business to client

Starting from our business areas, we study our offers thinking about the target market and the client's need.


Tiesse & Restart – Project Leggero

A dissemination day organized by RESTART project LEGGERO was held on October 9 in Ivrea. LEGGERO is part of RESTARTSpoke4 and focus on Programmable Networks for Future...


Tiesse's products for your networks

Routers, switches, gateways, IOT devices, network management software

In addition to the products in the catalog, we also design and manufacture customized solutions.

Our sales department is at your disposal to help you find the best product / solution.

Tiesse industrial and professional products: routers, network equipment and IoT / M2M devices
Tiesse product series: industrial-grade professional IoT routers and devices for corporate networking and for those scenarios where security, service continuity and performance are of primary importance
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