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Imola 5572 - 5G router

Imola 5572 is an integral part of the Imola series, routers certified and used in the networks of the main telecommunications operators.

IMOLA 5572 is a all-in-one 5G router, equipped with eVDSL connectivity and is particularly suitable to be used in business applications where security, continuity of service and network performance are of particular importance.

High-performance routing and switching capabilities enable broadband network speeds for data, voice, and video services applications.

Key benefits

  • Safety
  • High performance for Giga networks
  • Reliability of hardware and software
  • Quality of service (Qos)
  • Ruggedness (fanless, internal power supply, metal chassis, operation at extended temperature ranges)
  • Zero Touch provisioning
  • Factory preconfigurations, differentiated by customer
  • 100% factory tested equipment (including SIM cards for 4G models)
  • Minimum energy consumption

Application and scenarios

Thanks to the support for 5G, LTE, and WCDMA networks, Imola 5572-SGR can be used globally to take advantage of the benefits of 5G and Gigabit 4G networks for high-performance, bandwidth-intensive applications, such as broadcasting and streaming.

Imola 5572-SGR is designed to support 5G scenarios described by 3GPP, including standalone 5G NR (SA), non-standalone (NSA), dual connectivity LTE-5G NR
(EN-DC) and dynamic spectrum sharing between LTE and 5G.

Imola 6 modello 5572-SGR, vista frontale lato antenne

Download the datasheet

Technical details on hardware and software specification

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