About us

Tiesse is a 100% Italian private company, which have been manufacturing routers, network equipment and M2M / IoT devices since 1998.
With 4 corporate offices in Italy, Tiesse designs the product, at hardware and software level, carries out tests and obtains certifications in collaboration with Telco laboratories and universities, produces it (also in Italy) and releases it on the market, providing qualified assistance and continuous support to the client.
Tiesse is present both in the national italian and the international market.

Tiesse is part of NVD group, whose mission is to create new high-tech companies.

Inside our DNA

Tecnology, telecommunication and research are in our DNA.
We offer technologically advanced products thanks to our expertise, research and continuous investments.

We are


Tiesse is synonymous with reliability: as a supplier, as a project partner and of course, with its products.


“Innovation Made in Italy” is Tiesse’s motto: our gaze is always turned to the future and to the evolution of our products.
Technology and networks are in our DNA.


Tiesse’s expertise is made up of its people, proven by its credibility on the market and by the many loyal customers.