About us

Tiesse is a 100% Italian private company, which have been manufacturing routers, network equipment and M2M / IoT devices since 1998.
With 4 corporate offices in Italy, Tiesse designs the product, at hardware and software level, carries out tests and obtains certifications in collaboration with Telco laboratories and universities, produces it (also in Italy) and releases it on the market, providing qualified assistance and continuous support to the client.
Tiesse is present both in the national italian and the international market.

Tiesse is part of NVD group, whose mission is to create new high-tech companies.

Inside our DNA

Tecnology, telecommunication and research are in our DNA.
We offer technologically advanced products thanks to our expertise, research and continuous investments.

We are



Tiesse is synonymous with reliability: as a supplier, as a project partner and of course, with its products.



“Innovation Made in Italy” is Tiesse’s motto: our gaze is always turned to the future and to the evolution of our products.
Technology and networks are in our DNA.



Tiesse’s expertise is made up of its people, proven by its credibility on the market and by the many loyal customers.

Always researching


To offer excellent and cutting-edge products, Tiesse has consolidated partnerships with the research laboratories of the major Telcos and Universities, and with suppliers of noble components.

Tiesse’s products for your networks

Router, switch, gateways, dispositivi IOT/M2M,
network management software

In addition to the products in the catalog, we also design and produce
customized solutions:

Tiesse industrial and professional products: routers, network equipment and IoT / M2M devices

Tell us what you need

Security – Reliability – Performances

Clients: our product for

Telco nazionali
National Telco
Telco regionali
Regional Telco
System integrators
System integrators
Utilities & Smart Grid
Utilities & Smart Grid
Servizi e industria
Industry and services
Fuel, oil and gas
Colonnine di ricarica elettrica
Electric charging columns
Gioco lecito e scommesse
National concessionaire for Gaming and Betting
Banche e assicurazioni
Banks and insurance company
Distribuzione su larga scala, punti vendita franchising e al dettaglio
Large-scale distribution, franchising and retail stores
Pagamenti PoS
ATMs payment
Amministrazione pubblica
Government and public administration
Monitoraggio ambientale
Environment monitoring



Mission, Vision, Vaues

What is leading Tiesse? Innovation, intelligence and synergy, as well as the vision of a new era. The mission is on data networks, at the client’s service.


Innovation, reliability, sustainability have led us to be leaders in various sectors of the telecommunications market.


Like the bamboo plant, we are a versatile and solid company.
We are in full control: design – production – supply chain.

From business to client

Starting from our business areas, we study our offers thinking about the target market and the client’s need.

History and Milestones

2021 – 5G

Router 5G Tiesse

Imola 5572 series

Router broadband



Dual Wi-Fi

2021 – Green policy
Logo "1000 alberi in Italia", relativo al progetto di piantumazione Green di Tiesse


As part of Tiesse’s green policies and
commitments , 1000 trees are going to be planted in the Italian region of Irpinia.


2020 – New products

Evolution: Imola 6 Smart Grid

Imola SGR series
Dual fiber
Dual Wi-Fi
Serial ports

Levanto 520 series
4G industrial router


Milestone and news

In the previous 3 years, the following were delivered:
100.000 routers
110.000 M2M/IoT devices

New Elba series
Switch Giga/fibra

2018 – New products

Erice and kIoTo series

Access point, Media converter and IoT router

Business grade dual radio access point

Erice BoS
Media converter Ethernet verso fibra

3G/4G e Wi-Fi router per applicazioni M2M/IoT

2018 – New products

Evolution: Imola 6

Imola series evolves to Imola 6

In 2018 the Imola series evolves into version 6, with the new lines:

Imola LX x272 


Imola x272

Imola x872
router eVDSL, FTTH, SD-WAN

2018 – New IoT products

New Levanto models

Levanto series evolve

In 2018 the Levanto series evolves into new product lines:

Levanto ES
IoT device for environmental monitoring, with sensors

Levanto NB-IoT

2018 – September

Award: Innovative SME

September 2018

Tiesse receives the “Camillo and Adriano Olivetti award for innovative and responsible enterprise”.

2018 – February
Fotografia dell'Environment Park a Torino

New R&D office

February 2018

Tiesse opens a new R&D branch office in Turin. 

2017 – New products

Evolution: Imola 5

Imola series ev