From business to client

Starting from our business areas,
we study our offers thinking
about the target market and customer needs.

Business areas

Public sector

  • Private networks
  • Broadband access on radio networks


  • Energy, water, gas
  • Smart metering
  • Smart Grid
  • Remote monitoring

Services and industries

  • Private networks
  • Remote monitoring
  • Telecontrol
  • Vending machines
  • Industrial terminals

Lawful gaming

  • Assets remote management
  • Private networks
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer


Tiesse markets its products and services through four main channels:

  • Certified products included in the commercial price list
  • Brand labelling, volume sales
  • Tenders
  • Direct commercial offers
  • Included in the commercial price list
  • Direct commercial offer
  • Tenders

Based on the customer’s needs, Tiesse can:

  • Fully develop the project at every stage, from design to production (Tiesse project)
  • Develop the project according to the customer’s specifications
  • Tender (Supplier qualification)
  • Direct commercial offer

Target clients

Tiesse’s target clients are medium and large organizations that access private or public networks with stringent requirements in terms of security, performance and reliability.

Our results in 2020

Supplied product

Netowrk products

The supply of our products is balanced and well divided between network products (routers, switches, gateways) and IoT devices, which, in 2020, were slightly higher in terms of the quantity of products sold.

Selling channels


Direct sales and through the Telco operator are the two main channels for the diffusion of our products

Geo markets


At the moment, our main market is Italy, but we are also growing rapidly abroad on the international market.

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