Connect and empower your business with Tiesse solutions

Tiesse provides cutting-edge and innovative technology with 5G and performing network with 10Gbps services.
The Know-how in the design of customized projects wins on rapid delivery times for reliable and quality products.

Connections always everywhere and guaranteed

Wide range of services and solutions with fixed and mobile connections, from 4G to 5G, fiber optics and copper, xDSL, Wi-Fi, as well as telemetry and remote management solutions for business applications.
Innovazione made in Italy - Tiesse

Innovation made in Italy®

Tiesse provides secure and intelligent connectivity to both domestic and international companies.

"Made in Italy" stands for reliability, quality control and safety.

Innovazione made in Italy - Tiesse

Committed to the client

Tiesse focuses on client attention in all phases of design, engineering, positioning, support and commissioning of its products.
The total resolution of problems is accompanied by the full satisfaction of our clients.

Innovazione made in Italy - Tiesse

Passion for technology

The passion for technology is in the company’s DNA and is perceived within the client interaction, planning and management.
The resources and the working flexibility make Tiesse an excellent organization, where the working talent is valued.

Tiesse S.p.A. is a 100% Italian company with over 25 years of experience in the design, production, deployment and support of Ultra Broadband, cellular and industrial Routers, Switches, Gateways, IoT/M2M devices, automation and monitoring systems.

The goals achieved by Tiesse are:

  • Leading position for connectivity solutions in the regulated Italian gaming and betting market
  • Leader in supplying LTE routers at volumes certified by operators
  • Strong position in providing Ultra Broadband routers with volume and on a project basis
  • Strong position in the distributed networks of banks, service stations, insurance companies, municipalities and public bodies, dealers, large-scale distribution, retailers and franchising
  • Leader in supplying equipment volumes for the remote control and monitoring of primary and secondary energy cabins and for Smart Grid scenarios, in Italy, Europe and South America.

    Tiesse’s technological innovation affects many issues:

    • Digitization with radio connections with 5G technology
    • Virtual routers for Cloud architectures
    • Overlay network for the design of high-performance SD-WAN networks
    • Edge Cloud Computing solutions with IoT routers and gateways
    • Hardware and software design with cutting-edge technologies to meet the real users’ needs.

We are recognized as a key company in the telecommunications sector and participate in projects finalized by PNRR in the Restart Program.
The Headquarter is located in Ivrea (Turin) with commercial offices and research and development centers in Rome, Avezzano (Aquila) and Turin, Italy.

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