Routers, switches, gateways, IOT/M2M devices, network management software

Product portfolio

With Tiesse, your networks will have robust, reliable, secure and scalable products


All of our products are designed with security as main feature. From hardware to software, our routers, switches and IoT devices are secure in all respects.


Our routers are reliable thanks to several factors, including the robustness of the hardware parts, the security and stability of the software, the assistance provided by qualified operators.


Before releasing our products on the market, we check their performance by relying on the various partnerships with the best Telco laboratories.

Tiesse's products for your networks

Routers, switches, gateways, IOT devices, network management software

In addition to the products in the catalog, we also design and manufacture customized solutions.

Our sales department is at your disposal to help you find the best product / solution.

Tiesse industrial and professional products: routers, network equipment and IoT / M2M devices
Tiesse product series: industrial-grade professional IoT routers and devices for corporate networking and scenarios where security, service continuity and performance are of primary importance
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