Levanto and kIoTo series

IoT/M2M devices

Perfect to be housed inside other machinary. Particularly suited for smart metering and telecontrol

kIoTo models both naked and chassis version on the left - Levanto models on the right

Tiesse develops and produces network devices designed specifically for the IoT world, which allow to remotely manage and drive any type of installation.

Born for the world of Utilities, Tiesse IoT devices can be integrated everywhere thanks to the presence of both serial and Ethernet interfaces and can be reached wherever they are thanks to 4G connectivity.

All of Tiesse’s IoT/M2M provide connectivity between remote devices and centralized control systems, via a mobile cellular radio network, ensuring service continuity.

Both Levanto and kIoTo models are compact and small-sized.

Levanto series has numerous mechanisms that enable always-on connections, eliminating the need for interventions in peripheral offices by operators.

kIoTo have two versions: one with chassis and one with card only. The naked version is suitable to be housed inside machinery and other devices.

Key benefits

  • Security
  • Service continuity
  • Compact and small size
  • Factory pre-configuration
  • Industrial class with long component life cycle and high reliability
  • SIM cards are installed and tested in factory for each single device
  • Mounting kit for DIN rails and wall
  • Low consumption


All Levanto and kIoTo devices are particularly suitable for M2Mand IoTs applications, where security and continuity of service are of primary importance, as well as reliability and durability.
The most suitable scenarios/applications are:

  • Smart metering
  • Remote telecontrol
  • Remote telereading
  • Remote monitoring and assets managements
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Data gathering
  • Industry 4.0
  • Smart cities
  • Industrial automation
  • Diagnostic and prodictive maintenance
  • Vending machines
  • Electric charging stations

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