Portfolio series Elba and TGR

Switches and gateways

for industrial scenarios with high security requirements

Prodotti professionali Tiesse per le reti dati: gateway TGR e switch Elba

Switches and gateways: Elba and TGR series

The Elba series are managed switches, rack-mountable with fixed configuration, and they are part of the line of networking solutions designed and manufactured by Tiesse.
The Elba models are simple to configure, and the result is a reduce setup time within the network.

The TGR product series is designed to be used in industrial and security scenarios with open source or third party software, hosted directly on the hardware platform. At the same time, they offer a wide range of connectivity and routing functionality in a compact design. Depending on the specific model, the TGRs support multiple links, serial ports (RS-232 and RS-485) and digital inputs / outputs.

Key benefits

Switch Elba:

  • Security
  • Scalability
  • 10 GbE ports and combo ports
  • Easy installation and factory pre-configuration
  • Remote management and provisioning

Gateway TGR

  • All in one
  • Multiple serial and I/O ports (depending on model)
  • High reliability
  • Always-on communications
  • Flexibility and versatility
  • Open


Elba switches are particularly suitable for business scenarios where network security and performance are of primary importance.

The TGR series models are designed for business applications where safety and service continuity are of primary importance:

  • Smart cities
  • Industry 4.0
  • IoT
  • Applications for vertical markets
  • Renewable energies

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