Quality and Environment Policy

It is the precise will of the Tiesse Management to identify and implement improvement strategies that allow the company to reach the highest levels of competence and operational flexibility, minimizing the risks related to the activities carried out. In light of the experience gained and the indications resulting from the new quality and environmental standards, the Management has defined the strategic guidelines for achieving the objectives.

These guidelines respond to the need to ensure the continuous adaptation of the commercial offer and the structure in compliance and consistency with the elements constituting the context in which the company operates.

The strategic areas that need to be kept under control are then addressed to define all the interested parties and their requirements and, consequently, the guidelines according to which to operate:

Define the corporate mission and market positioning:

  • through continuous discussion and awareness of the needs of customers;
  • strengthening brand recognition through collaboration with opinion leaders and with communication and marketing actions;
  • collaborating with research institutions and university centers.

Guarantee the adequacy and quality of products through:

  • investments in research and training to offer the customer the best of available technology;
  • verified quality of products for functionality, safety and traceability;
  • competitiveness;
  • monitoring of processes and risks / opportunities.

Ensure a suitable IT infrastructure within the company that is:

  • adequate and efficient for the achievement of the objectives;
  • safe from vulnerability and data loss;
  • documented, easily maintainable and expandable.

Set up and maintain an organizational structure aimed at achieving the objectives, through:

  • clear identification of operational roles and responsibilities;
  • protection and constant increase of intellectual assets;
  • satisfaction and self-fulfillment of collaborators;
  • dissemination of information within the structure;
  • promoting the commitment to safeguarding the environment and the health and safety of workers.

Ensure administrative, economic and financial solidity, by means of:

  • continuous control and monitoring of internal processes;
  • continuous control and monitoring actions on the supply chain;
  • implementation of transparent and collaborative relationships with external, financial, administrative and certifying bodies.

Ensure a commitment to the environmental sustainability of company processes, through:

  • continuous compliance with applicable environmental legislative requirements;
  • the prevention of pollution;
  • the continuous monitoring and improvement of environmental performance.

These guidelines give rise to specific objectives which are redefined and updated annually, during the Management Review.

To implement the company policy, the quality and environment management system was defined and introduced.

It is the task of the General Management to constantly ascertain the correct application of the system and evaluate the results obtained by the company with respect to the objectives set.
It is also a clear commitment of the General Management to disseminate within the company, and at all its levels, the principles set out and to favor in every way the continuous improvement of the system and the participation of employees in the improvement effort undertaken.

Ivrea (TO) – Italy, 07/07/2021

The Chairman of the Board
Dr. Fabrizia Montefiori

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