• Smart cities
  • Smart buildings
  • Smart hospitals
Solutions for the digitalization, for improving logistics’ efficiency, for accelerating the authentication and system booking of diagnosis, and for improving system control.
Digitalization has an impact on public administration and for smart cities, smart buildings and smart hospitals to improve logistical efficiency, speed of completing procedures, booking systems and monitoring of system control systems.
The transition towards the smart city is targeting many municipalities, thanks to the PNRR, to increase a digital transformation strategy and ensure a sustainable development, increase technological skills and design innovative solutions in the enterprises and residential.

Public administration hold a vast wealth of data for health, education, justice and security. We need to improve the efficiency of public services and transform the way we operate to have more streamlined processes in providing concrete answers.

Energy efficiency with intelligent routers for monitoring and controlling the cooling and heating system in hospital and industrial environments is a need with the change of supplies to reduce consumption.

The monitoring of complex systems in hospital environments, factory environments, and residential building environments requires the implementation of solutions that monitor and collect the technical parameters of relevance for specific measurements.

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