Research projects

I-Fasenet, project part of Ital-GovSatCom

I-Fasenet is an integrated solution of modern and performing devices.
Installed on GRAELION, an off-road vehicle, and connected to the satellite network, it provides telecommunications services for institutional purposes in case of emergency and major disasters.


I-FASENET is part of a larger project called Ital-GovSatCom which aims to build a terrestrial extension of the satellite network.

The project’s objective is to provide emergency institutional services in the event of major disasters, as well as oversee territorial and public works.

The IoT networking component provides wired connectivity up to 10GbE, as well as radio LTE, LoRaWan and satellite.

The contribution of Tiesse

Imola 7 edge router and MTNOS software

The subsystems that form the I-FASENET project integrate innovative, durable and safe solutions, suitable to be used in other scenarios and network applications.
Tiesse has contributed to I-FASENET research by creating a family of new hardware and software products, among which there is the multifunction router IMOLA 7.

Its 5G, 10GbE, and SAT interfaces characterize it as a ductile, yet powerful device.b

The new MTNOS software, in addition to the most advanced routing features, is able to interface external SD-WAN orchestrators and allow them free access to the router configuration for dynamic data traffic management.

Its modern architecture also allows it to be used as an edge cloud computing platform, making it possible to install IoT applications that need to perform their services on the periphery of a network.

Operational diagram of the I-Fasenet project and the positioning of the Tiesse solution (Imola 7 with MTNOS on board).
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