Tiesse looks at sustainability with particular attention, accepts the challenge of trying to reduce the environmental impact that the manufacturing part can have, as well as constantly researching safe and ecologically better materials. Tiesse’s goal is to remain consistent with its principles of transparency and concreteness thanks to initiatives that have a clear impact on the community and that bring tangible benefits to the environment and to people.

For years Tiesse has been using only cardboard boxes made from recycled material, and is migrating to plastic-free packaging for its products.

As part of environmental sustainability, Tiesse has created the “1000 trees in Italy” project, considering trees as the first “technology” that nature has made available to combat and slow down climate change, carrying out reforestation work with the planting of a thousand trees in Irpinia, in the municipality of Calitri (Av).

The project started in autumn 2020 and is divided into three areas in which various species of broad-leaved trees will be planted, also making use of the professionalism of agronomist and botanical experts who ensure not only the correct settlement but also the maintenance and conservation over time.

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1000 Trees in Italy, Tiesse plants a thousand trees in the irpino municipality of Calitri

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