1000 Trees in Italy, Tiesse plants a thousand trees in the irpino municipality of Calitri

by Editorial Staff Key4biz | 22 April 2020, at 13:25

Tiesse, a company in Ivrea that designs and produces routers and network equipment entirely made in Italy, adheres to the 1000 Trees in Italy initiative and promotes the planting of 1000 trees in the municipality of Calitri in the province of Avellino.

Trees are the first “technology” that nature has made available to combat and slow climate change. Afforestation is a fundamental process to improve the environment and for this reason Tiesse has actively engaged in the planting project of 1000 trees in Irpinia in the municipality of Calitri, in the province of Avellino.

“Starting this autumn, three areas with the planting of broadleaves will be redeveloped thanks to Tiesse’s joint work with expert agronomists and botanists who will also be able to ensure their maintenance and good conservation over time”, said Luciano Lucrezia, CTO of Tiesse. The Ivrea company worked closely with local erp experts to carry out this project from scratch to have a positive impact on the territory.

In this complex moment, Tiesse’s goal is to remain consistent with its principles of transparency and concreteness, with initiatives that have obvious impacts on communities and bring benefits to people.

The Ivrea company, 100% Italian, designs and produces entirely in Italy routers for corporate networking and networking and connectivity devices for the IoT world.

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