Tiesse and CYSEC have established a strategic industrial partnership

Tiesse and CYSEC have established a strategic industrial partnership

Lausanne, April 18, 2024

CYSEC and Tiesse SpA have established a strategic industrial partnership aimed at reinforcing the security of satellite links for European telecom operators by integrating ARCA SATCOM, CYSEC’s security solution for satellite communications, into Tiesse new edge gateways and routers suitable to satellite and 5G connectivity.

ARCA SATCOM represents a major advance in the protection of satellite communications, offering an unprecedented combination of security and performance over satellite links, guaranteeing confidentiality and integrity of data passing through satellite communication networks, with minimal impact on the performance.

This collaboration has enabled the companies to achieve remarkable results in terms of encrypted traffic on satellite links, and in particular on high-speed GEO links such as Telespazio, with speeds below 1% loss compared to a non-encrypted link. This superior performance, combined with enhanced security, testifies to the effectiveness of the ARCA SATCOM solution integrated into Tiesse’s routers and edge gateways.

Building on these successes, the partnership now aims to further extend the deployment of this joint solution, with the objective of ensuring complete coverage in terms of GEO, LEO and 5G ARCA Satcom networks.

This initiative reflects CYSEC and Tiesse SpA ongoing commitment to providing secure and reliable satellite connectivity solutions, meeting the growing need for secure communications in the space.

About Tiesse

Tiesse SpA, Innovation Made in Italy: Tiesse is a totally Italian company with more than 25 years of experience in provide solutions to the enterprise customer’s needs. Tiesse skills and competences are in the design, in house production, deployment & configuration, as well customer dedication & support and repair of Ultra Broadband : cellular Router, with portfolio of various type of routers (wired and wireless), industrial Routers for the primary and secondary substation , also Switches, Gateways and IoT devices Tiesse,as Made in Italy is a synonym of reliability, quality control and security. The passion for the technology as core skills excel in the Customer care making full customer satisfaction.

The innovation

Made in Italy in the hardware and software design covers all different phases of concept, feasibility, verification, PCB design, prototyping, optimization and testing to deliver quality products. Tiesse strong reputation is also on the post-sales for Customers’ support, competence center, availability to the diagnose of potential issues, extra test to identifying issues and reparation center. Tiesse plays a key role in the Italian & International market, in the Telecom, Enterprises with medium and large volumes, Services and Utility sectors, and Public Administration.

For more info: marketing@tiesse.com or www.tiesse.com

About CYSEC 

Established in 2018 by experienced cybersecurity professionals, CYSEC is a prominent European cybersecurity company that specializes in the space industry. The company is renowned for its pioneering work and is dedicated to crafting end-to-end and off-the-shelf cybersecurity solutions tailored to cutting-edge newspace missions.

CYSEC addresses critical needs in satellite operations through the following key offerings:

End-to-End Protection: The company’s cutting-edge technology ensures the comprehensive protection of satellite operations, covering the TMTC link both on board and on the ground. This solution significantly enhances the reliability and security of satellite missions.

Secure Satellite Communications: CYSEC prioritizes robust security measures without compromising performance in securing satellite communications. Recognizing the paramount importance of secure data transmission in space, the company’s solutions are specifically designed to meet the unique challenges of satellite communication.

Hybrid Architecture: CYSEC enables secure hybrid architecture both on board and on the ground, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of data in cloud environments. This foundational component significantly enhances overall mission security.

CYSEC’s commitment is to advance cybersecurity in new space missions, providing tailored solutions that elevate the security and success of satellite operations. Since 2021, the company has organized the largest European event dedicated to cybersecurity for the space industry, bringing together 1000 experts from the industry to discuss the next challenges and innovations.

For more info: info@cysec.com or www.cysec.com

For media inquiries: marketing@cysec.com

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