Tiesse in the E-book “Thanks Olivetti”

An E-book created by the “Thanks Olivetti” group, in which they dedicate a page to Tiesse to narrate our company.

“Thanks “Olivetti”” is a group of former Olivetti employees and of people who identify with humanitarian values, who firmly believe that the values of Camillo and Adriano Olivetti are always topical and try to transfer them to young people for a better future.
Their slogan could not represent them better: “Our commitment is to Manufacture Trust”, with capital letters.
Starting with Camillo, then Massimo and Adriano, and finally Dino, the former employees of the Thanks Olivetti Group, on their Facebook page, post photos, articles and, on 27 September, their latest E-Book, which describes via direct knowledge, a number of companies born from Olivetti roots, as well as others having come to their knowledge thanks to the members of the Facebook group.

In this latest E-book, “Dream Factories”, there is also our Tiesse on page 8, chosen because it meets the requirements to be included among the dream factories. “In this booklet we signal the existence of a number of companies which, in addition to doing good business, have developed good practices of social responsibility in the quality of work, in human relations and in respect for the local area. Companies created and run by capable men, moved by a sense of duty, justice and honesty, without emotional and selfish contamination”.

You can read the whole E-book (italian) here: http://www.sfogliami.it/flip.asp?sc=iqagbourjo0dyzxczf7xd4ndv7r146ai&ID=139250

The page about Tiesse in the E-book

Tiesse S.p.A. Electronics – Ivrea (TO)

Tiesse was founded in Ivrea in 1998 by Mario Ciofalo, the current Chairman, Luciano Lucrezia, Technical Director and Fabrizia Montefiori, Chief Executive Officer. The story is rooted in the Olivetti world, in the purchase of a business unit in Ivrea already dedicated to Networking and in the Olivetti work experience of the founders.

Today, Tiesse continues with a group of researchers led by Technical Director Luciano Lucretia, undoubtedly one of the people with the most experience in the industry, the challenge in the technological wake that Ivrea had with Olivetti, one of the world capitals of innovation. The Company designs and produces routers and networking equipment, develops custom hardware and software turnkey projects and provides professional services with high technological content in the field of telecommunications, security and data collection. A success story, a company that designs and manufactures professional routers and M2M devices entirely in Italy.

Thanks to their functional characteristics and high performance, Tiesse products are particularly suitable for Corporate Networking Business and Mission Critical applications. The company has an established reputation in Italy since many years, where it has won many large tenders in completion with American and Chinese multinational market leaders. Two years ago, Tiesse launched an internationalisation project that is already producing significant results, thanks to this simple characteristic of its products – “innovation, quality and price”. Tiesse was born from a challenge, an Adriano Olivetti utopia, and today it is an affirmed Italian company in constant evolution to address an increasingly technological future. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Tiesse – Innovation made in Italy

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