On Soiel.it: Tiesse opens a branch office in Turin

Focusing on research and development, it also allows for further collaboration with local universities.

Tiesse SpA has opened a new research and development office in Turin , based at the Environment Park of the Piedmontese capital, through an investment born from the need for a better and better integration with research centers and skills in the metropolitan area, above all those that belong to the Polytechnic and the Department of Computer Science of the University of Turin , with which for years a collaboration relationship has been established both for content and for access to qualified resources to be included in the company. The new headquarters of the company is therefore designed to be the ideal place to expand exchanges, collaborations and research projects with the universities of Turin, thanks to a better territorial position than that of Ivrea, considered to be suffering because of the infrastructural isolation of the area of ​​the Odorediese.

Looking more in detail at the areas of development on which the activities of the new headquarters of Tiesse SpA will be concentrated, these will focus in particular on SDN (software defined network) and NFV (network functions virtualization) and security issues , in order to create products more Secure by Design and suitable for use in mission-critical national infrastructures.

“The new opening is in line with the design – explains Luciano Lucrezia CTO of Tiesse SpA – to further strengthen R & D capabilities, which constitutes 80% of the company’s commitment and is fundamental to sustaining our competitive advantage”. Tiesse SpA is based in Ivrea with offices in Rome and Avezzano and designs, manufactures and produces since 1998, professional-grade IoT routers and devices.

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