On “La Sentinella”: Ivrea. The router company plants 1000 trees

Article by Rita Cola – Read on the website of “La Sentinella del Canavese” (in italian)

Tiesse plants trees. One way as another to restore the environmental balance. And the Tiesse company, which has always been concerned with innovation and technology, does so, creating a forest, planting a thousand deciduous trees from certified nurseries in Calitri, Irpinia. The slogan of the project is suggestive: , trees are the first technology of nature. And to nature something must be returned to calibrate the weight of each of us on planet earth. In Calitri, the wood is composed of 250 robinias, 235 holm oaks, 150 tamarisk trees, 100 ash trees, 98 alders, 82 hornbeams, 50 lime trees and 35 maples. The forest of Calitri is not destined to be an isolated case.

«We are ready to give life to a forest also in Canavese – says Ombretta Miraglio, marketing manager of the eporediese company, – and to listen to proposals on this theme from the territory». Planting new trees is not the only front of action of Tiesse, if anything it is the last in order exclusively temporal. «For years – explains Luciano Lucrezia, technical director of Tiesse – we only use cardboard boxes with recycled material and we aim at packaging without plastic». That said, it seems simple, but it is not. Tiesse has long focused on using special materials to make printed circuit boards such as lead-free soldering. Another matter concerns the components used, but on this point we need to take a step back.

Tiesse designs routers and network devices and connectivity related to the Internet of Things, a sector in continuous development. He believed in the made in Italy of these products even in the years where the watchword was outsourcing. Moreover, in Tiesse you can breathe the air of Olivetti, where founders and managers of the company that focuses on innovation have worked. By resisting and believing in its goal, it has carved out an important space, collaborating with big names and providing major multinationals. The incentive to improve more and more on the environmental policy front is common. Today Tiesse has four locations. In addition to Ivrea, where there are head and heart of the company, we have Turin, Rome and Avezzano.

Lucrezia proudly specifies the Tiesse supply chain for the supply of components. There is a market of bloody defined materials, which arrive from areas of the world or are processed under conditions of exploitation. And Lucrezia specifies: «Ours is an ethical chain. We select the components and guarantee their traceability».

Electronic equipment, however, has an environmental impact, but it is unthinkable to do without it. Hence, the calculation for the birth of the forest: one tree for every fifty devices and then a thousand trees for 5 thousand electronic devices.

In autumn 2020, this new 1000 trees project started in Italy because, in fact, trees are the first technology that nature has made available to counteract and slow down climate change. The project is divided into three areas in which various hardwood species are planted. Tiesse has made use of agronomists and botanists who ensure the correct planting, maintenance and conservation over time.

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